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Life Insurance Agents'Fedration Of India

1- LIAFI is established on 2nd October 1964, at Bombay, It has completed 42 years of Glorious Existence. Every L.I.C. Agent is celebrating this day 2nd October throughout the country.

2- It was on 24th January 1945 that Agents of the Country came together at Calcutta under the leadership of Late S.S.Ali to protect our rights. Hence every year, we celebrate 24th January as Agency Profession Protection Day (A.P.P.Day)

3- LIAFI has represented the Agents community before various Parliamentary committees.

4- LIAFI could succeed in brining in Agents Regulations 1972. These Regulations are first of its kind in the world.

5- LIAFI could succeed in convincing L.I.C. to formulate club rules to enhance the prestige of L.I.C Agents who are consistently doing Good Business.

6- LIAFI could succeed with a lot of struggle in introducing the prestigious Career agency scheme in LIC of India.

7- LIAFI is mainly instrumental in establishing many Life Insurance Educational Institutions.

8- LIAFI discusses with L.I.C. Management every six months in the form of Agents Consultative forum Meeting.

LIAFI could succeed to enhance the gratuity amount from Rs. 50,000/- to Rs. 1,00,000/- but now it should be increased to Rs. 5,00,000/-

9- LIAFI could succeed in covering agents under Group Insurance Scheme with accident cover.

10- LIAFI could succeed in covering all Agents under Group Insurance Scheme through their respective Associations.

11- Every efforts and each step of LIAFI is directed towards achieving full time professional status to the Life Insurance Agency career in the country. So that we can do our work with Honour and dignity.

12- In It?s pursuit of achieving professionalisation LIAFI has succeeded in getting the stipend of career agents increased from Rs. 750 to Rs. 2500 p.m and Mediclaim to club members.

13- Group Loan (Vehicle Loan) replenishment scheme for agents has been implemented from 1.10.2005

14- Discussions for Group savings linked insurance scheme is on the finalization stage.

15- Because of the efforts of LIAFI Our CM Club Convention is continued or even be can go for different types of training like motivation, stress management and health management etc.

16- Because of the efforts of LIAFI our festival advances is increased from Rs. 7000/- to Rs. 11,500/-

17- LIAFI is always concerned about problems of Policy Holders. L.I.A.F.I. tried for Penal Interest to the Policy Holders on delayed Payment.

18- LIAFI was also instrumental in bringing relief to the Policy Holders by way of reduction in stamp duties on Policy Loans.

19- Early settlement of Survival benefit claims, Maturity Claims, Death Claims etc. are the results of L.I.A.F.I.?s continuous efforts.

20- It is because of our efforts that crores of Rupees of Special Medical Fee are now being refunded to agents.

21- Given a whole hearted helping hand by the Agents Community L.I.A.F.I. is confident of achieving many more rightful benefits to the policy holders and to the Agents Community of India which are being enjoyed by our foreign counterparts. Mainly health, wealth and honour till his death. The way to achieve this aim is full time Professional status for agency career in India.