About Our President

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Academic Qualification M. Com – LLB, B.A.

Sri SESHA BHATTAR SREENIVASA CHARY was born on 18/06/1959 in a traditional family of Andhra Pradesh. He did his schooling in the peripheral towns of Hyderabad. From his childhood, he had a passion towards social service and as such after his graduation he did his LL.B. and also a Higher Diploma in Cooperatives (HDC).

In his early twenties Mr. Chary worked with the Government of Andhra Pradesh in the Department of Panchayat Raj and with some Cooperatives. He took active role in local politics and was involved in several elections as a successful and strategic planner for the victory of the candidate he worked for.
Mr. Chary joined Life Insurance Corporation in the year 1986. He is a Chairman?s Club Member from Hyderabad City, A highly successful Chief Life Insurance Agent (CLIA), a Wealth Manager and Empowered Agent of LIC of India. He is highly professional in his business and imparts training to fellow Agents as often as he could. Mr. Sreenivasa Chary performed a very long and fruitful journey in LIAFI. He had the opportunity of understanding and tackling gross root problems of Branch, Division and Zone prior to becoming LIAFI President.